Surface treatments


Besides machining your products, we can also take care of the following finishing processes of your products in-house.

Laser marking

To laser mark products we use a Telesis EVC laser marking system. With this laser system we can provide your products with desired logos, serial numbers and/or various characters. To provide us with a logo for laser marking, we’ve written a short instruction on our providing specifications page.


To engrave your products we use a SIC C151 & C153. This is particularly used for steel products, on which the mark has to be permanently visible.


To offer a complete as possible product we can arrange the following finishing processes for you through our carefully selected network of reliable suppliers.


Your (aluminium) products provided with a harder surface layer? We can arrange that for you. Through anodizing, an oxide layer is applied, which is wear-resistant, hard and porous. Hard anodizing is also possible. Anodizing is not only a good option for the strength of the material, but it also offers visual, decorative options by the many color possibilities, like purple, orange, red, blue, black, gold-colored, titanium-colored of just with a neutral color.


To strengthen the surface of the parts, we can also arrange various electroplating processes for you, where the part will be covered with a layer of another metal. For example galvanizing (zinc layer), nickel plating (nickel layer) and chrome plating (chrome layer).


Chromate / passivate

With chromate a chromate layer is formed in the surface of the part to enlarge the corrosion resistance. This can be applied to aluminium, zinc and galvanized steel. Passivate is applied on steel to recover the chromium oxide layer.


Heat treatments

Various heat treatments are possible, like case hardening (and possible carburizing, case hardening enriched with carbon) and vacuum hardening.

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