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As a BBL-student or student to be in search of an apprenticeship? Check out our educational program page for more information.

Drop by for a cup of coffee!

Interested in one of the vacancies below? Call or email us and we’ll invite you for a cup of coffee. In this way, you can quickly see for yourself if our offerings fit your whishes, and we can experience if there’s a match on our side as well. A nice litte chat and a sight at our workshop will give you enough information to decide for possible next steps. We’d love to welcome you!

Curious and like to know more about our current team? Check our team page, you’ll there also find the facilities we can offer you.

Open vacancies

Technical handyman wanted! Career switch? New challenge? Your start is here! (Learn to) work in the technical business, for young and old, experienced and unexperienced. Fulltime would be awesome, but we’d also be happy with part-timers. What’s the deal? We’d love to get in touch to discuss it further! Work activities would be diverse; expedition, logistics, arranging incoming and outgoing goods, packaging, assembling, (learn to) drive forklift, (learn to) operate all kinds off machines, deburring, lasering and more. Call us directly through 0492 322525 or send us an email to

Looking for a side job? Do you have a few hours time during the week? Send us an email to We’d love to arrange a short initial meeting. What kind of work is it? Packing, assembling, deburring, lasering, we’d like to explain it further to you : )

At the moment we have a spot for a BBL-student (Allround verspaner / Verspaningstechnoloog). We’d like to hear from you! Send a message to

On the lookout for a snuffelstage (internship) for your VMBO education? Would you like to have a look around and learn a few things in practice in a neat technical workshop, full of machines and tools? Send us an email to Let us know who you are, what school you go to and when the desired date of the snuffelstage. We’ll then have a look and get in contact with you.