Measuring Equipment

While machining, our professionals have access to a range of measuring equipment in our measuring room. Besides a caliper at every machine, our employees can measure for example material hardness, surface roughness, contour profile and measuring trough enlargements by a microscope and vertical bench top optical comparator. Through this we can offer quality custom parts.

To avoid bureaucracy and to keep a flexible workflow, we consciously do not make up measuring reports. We do not work according ISO. That doesn’t mean our parts do not meet the requirements, on the contrary. Through this we can more easily meet the customers wishes, by swiftly and easily implement alterations. This also enhances a smoother communication with our customers and professionals that carry out the milling and turning work. In this way, we can think along with our customer, something we value next to quality.

Through our portfolio you can see many custom part examples we already produced for our customers.

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