Of all ages

We have an enthusiastic team of all ages, and everyone is willing to take an extra mile for each other, as well as for the customer. A good cooperation and working atmosphere is something we value the utmost, so everyone can do and above all enjoy their jobs. If we have to describe ourselves, the terms ‘craft idiots’, drive and enthusiasm will fit us like a glove.

We are also an educational company, in which young employees (who combine work and education) can profit from the experience and expertise of the others. A nice interaction between the young and the elder take place, which makes our team very dynamic and always ready for the future.


Having fun, being there for each other, having a smile at work is incredibly important. To promote this, we plan a annually team activity, alternately organized by two employees. We usher in the summer with a delicious BBQ and we celebrate the end of the year with a Christmas drink, including dinner. At the annually team activity we always try to take a team picture. We use those shared memories to brighten up the canteen walls.


For employees there’s a spacious parking spot and bike/moped covered storage. For personal belongings and hygiene there is a rock-solid locker and washing room. The breaks (at 10 o’clock, 12:30 and 3 o’clock) can be spend in the canteen, all together at a large table (when there’s no such thing as a worldwide pandemic). For the enthusiasts, it’s even possible to keep an eye out for their machine through the windows overlooking the workspace. Concentrating on healthy food, a good conversation, browsing through a magazine or checking the socials is often a more common way to spend the well-deserved breaks. When the weather is nice, the breaks are often spend outside, at a picnic table with the sun on your skin.