Providing specifications

Providing files for CNC production

How to provide the right files for CNC production? You have a part you want to outsource to a turning- and milling company. What do you need to provide? We prefer to receive both a 2D (.PDF) and 3D (.STEP) drawing.

2D drawing

2D drawing as .PDF, with the following information mentioned:

  • Drawing number
  • Revision management (really pratical to keep track of your part’s revisions, then we can see what has changed and we can save it with the right drawing number)
  • Projection
  • Tolerances
  • Screw thread
  • Material
  • Maximum size
  • Surface roughness
  • Desired treatments (like anodizing, laser marking, pin engraving)

3D file

3D file as .STEP

We can open the .STEP files in the software TopSolid. If necessary, we can look up additional sizes that weren’t mentioned in the 2D drawing. That can save a lot regarding communication and efficiency. A 3D file is not always necessary, it depends on the complexity of the part.

Providing files for laser marking

For laser marking a logo we need;

1. Logo in file extension .dxf

.dxf file for laser marking

Remark: do not fill the .dxf file yourself, please send us an ‘open’ logo

2. 2D part drawing (.PDF) with:

  • The exact position of the logo to be lasered on the part
  • Filled / unfilled indication
.PDF for indication filled or not (it’s also possible to only laser the outlines, then we’ll not fill the logo)

Logo examples

Completely filled logo:

Partly filled logo:

The ‘adjust’, ‘-‘ and ‘+’ are filled, the arrows are unfilled.

In need of sequential numbers (for example 001, 002, 003 and so on) lasered on your parts, without specific font requirement? That’s also possible. Please ask us for the possibilities.