cnc turning & milling

Specialised in
aluminium & plastics

Batches from
25 to 25.000 pieces

since 1984

Van Haandel Metaal

We are a Dutch company, specialised in turning and milling of aluminium and plastic components. Thereby we supply a complete as possible product, including machining, taking care of finishing processes, possible assembly and carefully packing to your requirements. Our goal is to unburden your company for the turning and milling work you want to outsource, so your own processes go as smoothly as possible. With unburden we mean, next to a complete product, also clear and straightforward communication, meeting our agreements and punctual delivery.

For whom? We supply worldwide to various sectors, like machine building, automotive, agribusiness, construction and motorhome construction. We’d love to hear from you!

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We’ll swiftly reply to your inquiry / question with a clear answer. That way you know where you stand and what you may expect from us.

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In search of an education place as BBL student?

We are a SBB acknowledged education company and we’d like to hear from you. We’re always open to requests.

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In search of a new work challenge?

3 vacancies: CNC Turner, Mechanic & BBL student.

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