Interested in our custom parts and services? Drop by for a cup of coffee and an insightful conversation. Then we’ll both quickly know whether we can do something for each other. Calling us is also always a good option!

Potential employees
We not only welcome customers, but also potential employees! Same applies: drop by for a cup of coffee and an insightful conversation! See our vacancies page for more information about this.
+31 492 322 525

Meeting rooms

For appointments we have two special decorated meeting rooms, including display case filled with machined inspiration.

Warm welcome

At our entry you’ll receive a warm welcome from our very first conventional lathe. Secondhandedly bought by Harrie, father of our founder Ad, in 1980, for about 4000 gulden (old Dutch currency). Ad used this lathe for go-kart parts back in the days and later on he purchased this lathe from his father and used it for his turning and milling company, Van Haandel Metaal. The lathe now serves as special decoration in our reception for the second generation of the family business.