Machine park

Our machine park is very comprehensive. We possess several multitask machines, 5-axle milling machines with automatic loading, lathes with staff supply and various others. In addition, we also have a large centrally situated tool station and measuring room, deburring corner, sawing department with material storage, climate-controlled production space, air filters with tubing, various lean lifts, packing and assembly department and waste separation hall. 

Conventional and various machines

Besides our cnc lathes, milling and multitask machines, we also have various other machines in our machine park, like a Hydraulic Press 150kN, conventional milling machine Prvomajska G-01VS, conventional lathe Weiler Matador and keyway broaching MECO 80 CNC.

Hall layout

Our factory is divided in various halls. The main hall consists of all lathes, central tool station, deburring corner, air filter system and climate-controlled production space. There’s also a hall with all milling machines grouped together, a hall with all multitask machines and a hall where the sawing department is situated, including material storage. In addition there’s also a hall for the assembly, packing and internal storage. Finally there’s also a hall for the storage and separation of waste and chips, including a corner for the technical service. Centrally in between the halls we have our measuring room, offices, canteen and meeting rooms.

Tool station

Centrally situated in our main hall we have a tool station, where all milling and turning cutters, clamps and fixtures are stored. There’s also a Zoller Smile 400 available for pre-setting and measuring of the cutting tools, before they are used in our milling machines and lathes.

Waste separation

Large amounts of chips are resulting from the machining operations. We initially collect these in chip bins per machine, which are emptied in large storage containers in our waste separation hall. The chips are separated for each material kind. In our waste separation hall we also keep our paper and plastic waste separated.

Climate-controlled production space

Specially for the turning of 2stroke pistons we created a climate-controlled production space, so we can reach very accurate and especially constant measurements.

Air filters

We have two Novus air filters in our factory, one in the milling hall and one in the main hall. These air towers ensure a better air quality and have a small heating function in the winter.

Lean lifts

For the storage of all kinds of bolts, nuts, rings, specific assembly necessities, stock and so on we make use of 4 lean lifts. These are situated in our main hall, multitask hall and packing department.

Through our portfolio you can see what we’ve machined so far in our machine park.

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